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„Trust in Time“ Leadership – in customer and supplier loyalty.

Customers and suppliers are an integral part of every value chain, but external factors. In this context, it is crucial who can determine the right approach for communication and workflow across company boundaries.
Install „Trust in Time“ based on Smart Contracts.
Specify a level of security and time limits that only your organization can offer. Control the supply chain and distribution with your own blockchain system.
This technology is changing all payment traffic and the way we do business.

more about the rell.CHain
Secure and incorruptible Transaction Handling

Distributed storage, difficult to manipulate but easy to check. Perfect to store continous transactions and make them available to all network-members. Secure and unbreakable.

Transparency, Tracking and Tracing

Dedicated operation mode to focus on logging and tracing. Increase transparency of your applications via using rell.CHain.

Trust in Time

Automation of standard processes and operational processes through predefined audit-proof workflows. Lower costs and shorter process time through Smart Contracts on your own, fast and secure infrastructure.