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Technology Provider

We provide our own distributed ledger implementation.

Knowledge Source

We know the pros and cons of all major blockchain-implementations.

Implementation Partner

We will help you to start your own blockchain-business.


Get access to the first swissmade blockchain-implementation.

You are thinking about start our own business based on blockchain? You want to create your own platform to solve your use-case and you need an easy to use distributed ledger? You try to avoid dependencies to existing blockchain-networks and you want to run your own network to satisfy your requirements? Think about using our own engine rell.CHain – it’s an adaptable, scalable and dev-friendly blockchain-implementation based on NET-Core.


Get in touch with new technology

Stories about blockchain and distributed ledger mostly contain crypto-currencies. That’s why we combine that technology with extraordinary and crazy ideas. However, the technology behind the scenes is real, honest and easy to be applied on other use-cases. Don’t miss your chances!

Analyze your business

The new technology makes it possible to solve previously insoluble problems.  
We are happy to help you discovering your new possibilities to extend your business.

Develop your application

Applications including storing data inside a distributed ledger do not have to be complex and expensive. We love to help you finding an affordable solution to fit your needs.

Host your solution

You decided a private blockchain is the best solution to fit your requirements you dont know how to claim such a private network? We are able to help you hosting your blockchain-based application.


Contact us

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you want to get some deeper insights. Regarding our business, we are as transparent and honest as our rell.CHain.


Having our own blockchain-implementation makes it easy for us to provide prototypes with an scalable network of underlying nodes. We are very proud to present our latest figures.


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